Welcome to Artwalk at Sunrose Gallery

blog artwalk front window

It’s ArtWalk in Seaside!  The flowers are still blooming in the flower boxes.  First Saturday ArtWalk is fresh and exciting. Even if the attendance is low and nothing of mine sells…there is the possibility!

blog sunrose artwalk

One thing is for sure, Cathy and I will be gabbing!  I gave her the nickname “Little Buddy” a long time ago.  She is a true friend and the best artist buddy.  Her work is heirloom quality.  Cathy and her husband Ray are warm and caring folks who really are interested in their customers!

blog artwalk quick sale

At ArtWalk in  April this year a lady from the east coast wandered past me and commented that this driftwood lamp was so pretty.  She casually inquired of the price.  I told her.  She replied with a snap of her fingers “I’ll take it.”  Her niece was following close by and said “Aunt Bessie are you going to take it to Florida or the Bahamas?”  “Bahamas”.  So…. if it happened once it could happen again. LOL

blog artwalk good hair

Another fun ArtWalk fact is that it is the one day a month I attempt to have a good hair day!  Usually I wear my hair up in a clippie like Pebbles on the Flintstones.  Cathy took the photo at ArtWalk in July.

So I will stand by the front window and enjoy the evening sipping tea and enjoying the friendship of folks who love and appreciate art.

Have a great weekend!


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