Happy Half Hearted Halloween


I’ll admit I am ambivalent about celebrating Halloween.  I file it under “live and let live” when I make products for the folks who sell my stuff.  Now that I think about it even as a kid I was half hearted about Halloween, because even with my creative mind I could NEVER think of a costume!

It was all about the candy and FILLING that pillowcase.  I still can feel the blush over my last Halloween going door to door.  I was 12 and was pretty sure I was too old but had the excuse of escorting my two younger brothers.  As usual I had no idea for a costume so I used a plastic mask of my brother’s.  I rejoiced in the anonymity!  At the first door our nosy neighbor lifted my mask her high squeaky voice inquiring “Who’s under here?”.  GEEZ!  My more mature side was humiliated by my greedy for candy side.

Every year Sunrose Gallery makes a tasteful nod to Halloween with a little display of whimsical and inexpensive items that a tourist won’t see anywhere else.  I made these paper items.

The only real work is FINDING the images, so I waste time searching Etsy for the digital download printable pendants:


I picked a vintage colorful set, printed them out on cardstock, glittered the edges and strung them on rayon seam tape that I tea dyed so it looks vintage and wrinkled.


I found this printable pendant garland set on Etsy also.  I strung it on black organza ribbon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also make these little batty ornaments with sheet music rosettes and glittered cardstock wings. I like more whimsical sayings like “EEK!”




A Cute little pumpkin!



Or the individual letters that say BOO! Got to buy four for the set…teehee

In the 90’s when my kids were school age I gave them each 5 bucks and they looked forward to  filling up a bulging bag of Brach’s candy.  We rented a video passing around a big bowl of popcorn.  Back then  was when the hospital offered to x-ray your candy to see if there were any razor blades in it.  I opted out of the madness, it seemed Halloween had lost it’s whimsy.

Cathy needs the Halloween items right now so I got to work and made a little inventory yesterday.  Whew, that job is out of the way!




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