Queen of Resilience!

“Queen of Resilience” Mixed Media Collage 10 x 10

You’ve been there, you keep going when the winds of life are blowing hard!  That’s when a spine of steel comes in handy and a combination of hope and toughness surges through the “Queen of Resilience”.


She can’t even tell you when she bounced back because she always seems to be moving forward no matter the circumstances.  The Queen won’t have anything to do with self pity and rises above her fears.


I got the idea for the tree to symbolize resilience as I reflected on my own life experience in 1990.  I thought I had a solid  marriage (19 years) but it came to an abrupt end.  I absolutely believe Christians have no right to break the vows they made before God.  However, I wasn’t in control.

It is a mild understatement to say the winds of life were blowing.  It was a hurricane! Financially, emotionally, even spiritually.

Now I had the chance to prove the truths I have held on to since I became a Believer.

“They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season.  Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.”  Psalm 1:3

The first thing that supported my bounce back spiritually was a book my bosses wife let me borrow called “Good Morning, Holy Spirit.”  It refreshed my heart. The Sweet Holy Spirit and I became BFF’s!  Still are, always will be!

Pure grit and the “Mama Bear” in me pulled it together for my kids ages 8, 11, 12 and 16.  I loved them more than I loved me.  This is where I admit I had to overcome self pity.  I never asked “WHY?” My pitiful soul asked “What am I going to do?” Poor me.

Self pity had a good hold on me the first 6 months.  One day I was at the sink and said out loud “Self pity, go to hell.”  It left! I didn’t let self pity darken the door again because self pity is a choice.  I felt free to see the future.  I took art classes.  Joined my first gallery.  Refinanced the house.  Bought a car.  Feathered the nest for my four kids.

We are tough.  We rebuild, we heal, we rehabilitate, we recoup our losses.  We are Queens of Resilience.  Resilience is #1 in the Ten Virtues For the Modern Age.


  1. Yes! Yes yes! I was just texting a close friend from High School, and we’ve both been thru things we can’t control. It’s never easy to have to change everything, esp when your older and have children, and never made a plan for just in case. You have to just keep going, because for me, if I don’t, it’s sooo easy to fall into self pity, depression and all that comes with that black hole. I believe it’s also a choice. Get busy living, or get busy dying, is a fav quote of mine, and I have it everywhere, lol! Thanks for reminding me! Love your collages, I wish there classes in my area!

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