The Hunter-Gatherer in Me

Goodwill Stuff this Week!

I am on the hunt! I found this cool stuff at Goodwill and I am out the door for some garage sales today and tomorrow.  I love my life!  An idea has to spring into my head before I put something in my cart.  Here are my ideas for this little pile:

Bird Cage: “Don’t Grow Up, It’s a Trap” Assemblage

Metal Votive Cup: to hide the socket in my next lamp

Crochet Dresser Scarf: DIY Shabby Chic Shell Ornaments

The FABULOUS sheet music: Magnificat Sheet Music Wing Ornaments

Scrabble Tiles: A  Scrabble Hack


I use Scrabble tiles in a lot of crafts and run out of actual tiles.


I scan the letters I am out of into my computer and print them out actual size.  Diamond glaze works great to adhere the paper and when it is dry a light glaze of Diamond Glaze makes the exact matching sheen of the actual tiles.  Mod Podge works to glue the paper to the tile BUT changes the color of the wood grain if you use it to seal the top….very irritating!

I use the backs of the letter “N”, “D”…etc so the faux tiles appear to be actual letters.

Well, wish me luck on my hunt and gather this weekend!  Happy Friday to YOU!


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