Sheet Music Christmas Ornament

Sheet Music Ornament Number One

It might seem early to you, but I’ve had Christmas on my mind for months.  I try to come up with a new ornament idea every year to use sheet music because it fits in with my upcycling POV.

blog christmas 2

I was inspired by these ornaments I found when I was doing a Google search.  Friends have given me two zipper sandwich bags full of used bottle caps and I have collected a lot of sheet music that I cut to 11 x 8.50 so it will fit in my computer printer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have purchased so many clip art wing images through the years and you can find a fabulous selection of images on Etsy.  I make a printout of as many as I can to fit the actual sheet music that I run through the printer using my photo software options.


Then I print out the wings on some stiff cardstock so the back is finished, and the ornament is sturdy.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can find many bottle cap images on Etsy.  When you purchase them the shape fits a bottle cap perfectly when you cut them out.  I actually don’t manually cut out the image because I have an one inch punch and can quickly punch out all the “Mother and Child” images.  To  assemble, cut out a sheet music wing plus a cardstock wing, hot glue a “hanger” in the center, then hot glue the wing pieces together.  I use “Stickles” glitter glue to add glitter to the edge of the wings and the edge of the bottle cap.

Sheet Music Ornament Number One

On the back, glue down a little piece of pipe cleaner that holds a teardrop prism to finish the ornament.  I have made a LOT of these ornaments because they are going to be inventory for 2 Christmas Bazaars and 3 local shops.  As you can see they are pretty easy to make and would be “star of the show” at a Christmas Ornament Exchange party!


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