Repurposed Inspiration: Where No Mermaid Has Gone Before

Upcycled Mermaid Christmas Tree Topper

You would probably shake your head if you popped into my house right now.  It is a wreck.  I have lists, lists and more lists and piles of inventory for all the bazaars and the featured artist shows.  For a while I was sticking to my lists, then I abandoned them and told myself, “it doesn’t matter what you make, just make something.”  Two deadlines are November 7th to deliver inventory for Luminari Art Gallery in Astoria and November 12th for Every Husbands Nightmare Bazaar in Hillsboro.  Time is TICKING!

When I need a break from the monotony of creating christmas tree ornaments, I work a while on a project that is fun like this Mermaid Christmas Tree Topper.  I needed to come up with a few “special” mermaid projects that fit with the “Merry Mermaid” theme for my December featured artist show at Sunrose Gallery in Seaside and this will definitely be OOAK and special.

Do you love a challenge like me?  That is the fun of upcycling, finding something past it’s prime and giving it new life.  I have already posted some photos and a progress report of the bedraggled angel tree topper.

Angel Tree Topper

I started by tearing off the wire edged ribbon and was pleasantly surprised that it was the perfect thing to wrap the red skirt into the mermaid shape.

The wire edged ribbon held the mermaid shape without hot glue!

I cut the edge of the skirt to be more of a tail shape.  Next I wrapped the entire bottom with crepe paper strips and I used hot glue to make mermaid scales.  Acrylic paint covered the body & shoulder draping and glitter was applied when the paint was still wet.

First coat of paint

She needed red hair for some pop!  And the clear cone was covered with some pretty green foiled paper.



Michael’s came through big time with their selection of holiday picks.  I needed the green tri-swirl for whimsy and the green branch picks worked perfectly for sea life.  Don’t you love the gold with little balls on it, it looks like coral!



I found the 8″ gold snowflake works perfectly as a base to attach all the pieces with 20 gauge wire.  Next in line is a dolphin that will be the base for a mermaid statue!  I got the dolphin at a thrift shop in Nehalem last weekend.



I am itching to work on this, but I have lists to check off!



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