Give Yourself a Second Chance

“Merry Christmas Rain or Shrine”

It is the second time around for this Mary Shrine!  I am in the middle of pricing and making an inventory list for Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar.  Isn’t that the coolest name for a bazaar?  It is a boutique bazaar format held in a huge room at the Washington County fairgrounds.  The setup itself is VERY inspiring.  The space is setup with huge tables with lattice backgrounds and each table has a big sign.  “Black and White”, “Old World”, “Red and White”,  “Traditional Christmas”, “Whimsical & Beach Theme”.

The cool thing is I sort my inventory on the correct color tables then they artfully display all the inventory like a boutique.  The entry price is $40.00 + 24%  per sale.  The EHNB has been a Hillsboro, Oregon tradition for 26 years so it is well attended and the doors are open 5 days.  When the sale is over I go to each table and retrieve what didn’t sell and a check arrives in the mail about 10 days after the sale.

I have been telling you about my “Merry Mermaid” theme for my annual featured artist show in December at Sunrose Gallery.  Last years featured artist theme was “Merry Christmas, Rain or Shrine.” I made 10 shrine mixed media pieces, some of them were Christmas themed and they didn’t sell.  That means this Mary shrine will have a second chance at EHNB!   She will go on the “Old World” table.


This upcycled clock tower and mirrored glass pieces I found at Goodwill last year gets a second chance too!   I purchased Nutcracker and Santa sleigh digitial downloads on Etsy to make the clock tower bank a  Christmas-y set. They will be a perfect fit for the “Traditional Christmas” table.


Also in for a second chance is this fun piece.  I found the frame base at Goodwill and was so happy that a Dollar Tree frame fit in the slot perfectly.  I love any excuse to put jewels on a mixed media piece. This piece will fit on the “Old World” table.



This is finally the END of these stained glass Christmas trees.  I made about 200 of them years ago and hopefully they won’t come home.  I will deposit them at the whimsical table.

I went on a Goggle Images EHNB search and found these images of tabletop trees that I made and sold there years ago!  I love how they mix up the displays.

Today I have showed you last years Sunrose Gallery inventory that has a second chance to sell at EHNB.  It didn’t sell last year, BUT now it is one less thing I have to make for THIS YEARS inventory!  YAY!  Don’t they do a fabulous job of making a boutique?  Since there is so much to see at each table  it pushes me to make something that stands out in the crowd!  Tomorrow I will show you the stuff I have for the “Red and White” table.


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