Sheet Music to my Ears Part 1

Sheet Music Christmas Trees

Here is more inventory for Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar.  I make so many sheet music Christmas items, it will take two posts to show you it all!  This photo is a sample of the sheet music trees I will be taking.

Old sheet music is a song to my heart!  When I find it at a garage sale the first thing I do is give it the sniff test to make sure it’s isn’t musty.  Then I flip through it to make sure it has a lot of notes!  Since I try to make every mistake just once, I Google any name that is written on the sheet music cover.  Years ago I made a bazillion folded paper trees (like the one above) from a stash of  sheet music with the name Eugene Kaza who I discovered was inspiration for the movie “Mr. Holland’s Opus”.  I used up five or six big books before I Googled the name out of curiousity.  Believe me, if I would have known that little piece of information I would have made SOMETHING important AND expensive!




In the past I  purchased paper mache tabletop tree forms a dozen at a time until I discovered it was easy to use Dollar Tree poster board and make my own cone trees.  I will be making several detailed DIY posts how to make cone trees and decorating ideas soon.  Paper Mache cone trees cost about $4.00 each my homemade Dollar Tree cone costs 20 cents each!


This idea isn’t new, you can find lots of variations on Pinterest.  But there is something sweet about the combination of thread spools and sheet music.  The rule for assemblage trees is “Have Fun Playing!”.  I had fun emptying a sandwich bag of wooden spools.




I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I said I have sold at least a 100 of these trees.  They sell every year and all my local shops have ordered more for this Christmas season.   The base is a glittered tuna tin can with a dowel.  I will be giving the template and DIY instructions soon.  The box will be full of these for EHNB.

Sheet Music Part Two I will show you my sheet music ornaments with a DIY for a sheet music wings ornament!  Say tuned.  LOL


  1. Wow Patty I love the sheet music idea! I have collected a few pieces of old sheet music to draw pictures on, but haven’t done too much with them yet. The trees are cute! 😀 Debra


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