Sheet Music Part Two

Sheet Music Angel Wings Ornament

Why I make Christmas ornaments, I don’t know!  LOL  Simply stated, ornaments don’t pay the bills.  I guess I like the challenge of coming up with new ideas and the satisfaction of bringing them to life.  Folks around here expect to pay $5-$6.00 at the most for an ornament.  I could price them higher, but they would just go back home with me.

Magnificat Sheet Music at a recent garage sale

I was really inspired when I found this “Magnificat” sheet music at a garage sale recently.  I smiled when the name was blacked out….so it was impossible to see who the music had belonged to, I like to Google the name to see if there is a history behind the name.



I have seen a lot of metal angel ornaments with embossed layers of wings and I thought it would be special to use this “Magnificat” sheet music exclusively for the ornament idea. Instead of embossed layers of wings they would be actual layers.  I started with four pages of sheet music and cut out four long wing sections so the tops and sides would be exact.  Then I gave each layer a “haircut”  so there were three different layers.  Ta Dah, now I had my patterns for the “Magnificat” wings.  I got 20 ornaments from the sheet music!




When you hot glue the pieces together, apply the glue along the felt pen pattern because the wings will be free to curl as they wish.  Then apply glitter to the edges of each layer and glitter around the outside edges.

When attaching the bottle cap  (thanks Lee and Sue for the big bag) make sure you have some string for a hanger under it.  I have attached a white feather with a “Peace on Earth”  hang tag to add some glam.

The hot glue layers give a lot of body and sturdiness to the sheet music.  This idea works as an ornament but would be FABULOUS as a gift tag with the recipients name replacing “Peace on Earth”.




I have made a “dry brushed” version in turquoise for Every Husband’s Nightmare Christmas Bazaar using the same technique.



These are the other ornaments I have made for EHNB.  I scored at Goodwill recently with the German glass glitter chipboard snowflake ornaments that got an old world image and a garage sale tassel.  I have made MANY of the wings with glass teardrops. Last but not least, I used up the remainder of the 3 inch metal crosses I got at Goodwill last year to make an Old World ornament.


So that is my stash of sheet music ornaments for the Christmas Bazaar.  Tomorrow is Shabby Chic!


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