Whimsically Beachy

Whimsical Beachy Cone Trees


I am headed off to Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar tomorrow afternoon to deliver all my creations.  It is a boutique bazaar (they turn our inventory into vignettes  and conduct all the checkout purchases).  There is a palpable “buzz” of energy as folks cart their wares into the huge room and distribute them on tables with labels marked “Red and White”, “Old World”, “Traditional Christmas” and on and on.

The doors open at 1pm and since I avoid MAYHEM  at all costs I show up about 4pm.  By then most of the tables are FULL to capacity.  My first year I was dismayed that there was no room on the table. No worries.  I was instructed to just pile my stuff on top!  Usually the table marked “Beach and Whimsical”  is nearly empty because most Portland folks don’t decorate with a beach theme and whimsical is not a popular craft genre.  So I get to hog the table, LOL!  My beach stuff sells really well and if it doesn’t I don’t care because it has a chance to sell here at the beach.

I am saving the middle tree for Sunrose Gallery
Christmas Tree Topper

I made some beachy Christmas Tree Toppers with the 8 inch gold snowflakes I got at Michael’s.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy sea glass driftwood crosses sell really well every year!  I make some Mary and Child Christmas themed crosses and it will be fun to see how well they sell.


I made more wreaths with the Dollar Store Wreath Forms and bags of shells. The wreath form is covered with a crocheted table cloth I got at a garage sale.  I hot glue the shells and they attach easily to the crochet!



More Whimsical Trees!

….and I have a progress report about my dolphin statue/mermaid upcycle.  I have had so much fun so far and now the fun really begins as I get to decorate her.  I am trying to think a romantic beachy name for her, any suggestions?


Original Dolphin Statue                      Paper Clay Step 1


Now the fun begins….I will finish decorating her skirt and glam up her base.


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