blog tree 6

Upspiration?  That’s stuff I find on my Google image search that gets my creative juices flowing.  It’s images that make me say out loud, “I wish I would have thought of that!”.  Like this assemblage Christmas tree that is way above my skill level but is so inspiring that I “SAVE IMAGE”.  Today I’m taking you on a tour of upspiring Christmas items I have found this year with my Google searches.

blog tree 2

I might try this idea next year if I find the stuff at garage sales.

blog tree 3

I love anything rusty!

blog tree 4

Love the creativity!

blog tree 5

I admire the work that went into making this!

blog tree 7

Above my skill level but I would love it in my front yard!

blog tree 8

I like this but how many garage sales do I have to go to collect the molds?

blog tree 9

Wouldn’t this be cute on the buffet?

Today I am in the studio making an 82″ whitewashed driftwood  valance for my Etsy shop and when the paint is drying on the driftwood I am pumping out earrings for my Seaside Holiday Artisan Boutique.


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