Her Name Starts with a “D”


Happy Thanksgiving!  It is fun to sit at my keyboard and write a post since I had to put WhimziVille on the back burner in this busy bazaar time.  It will be fun to give you a  report of all my sales after what feels like a marathon this last month. This weekend is my “Merry Mermaids” booth at the Seaside Artisan Gift Fair. I am really thankful for the ideas, the energy to make it all and the venues to sell everything!

Since it is Thanksgiving I want to shine a spotlight on a friend to whom I am VERY thankful: Dianna Donnely! Without her help, patience, and know-how this blog would not have happened.  I am thankful for you Dianna!


January 2017 I kept hearing the Lord say He is “taking me in a new direction” so I kept my heart open for SOMETHING NEW.  In June I felt the “new direction” was blogging and I made the leap of faith to start this blog after UNTOLD HOURS of phone conversations with my dear friend Dianna.

She was so generous with her time and since she has been a successful blogger for several years she knows WordPress inside and out.  Her blog is Dianna Donnely’s Real Food Meals and Books   Not only is she a blogger, but she has written a really great faith based novel titled “Heart Seasons, the Rainbow Revelation”. Her recipes she dreams up for her blog are mouth watering and she has been featured on websites like Yummly, Food Gawker, and her book has received several awards!




Having a reason to write and create crafts for my blog posts has given a freshness to my perspective.  Another blessing I didn’t anticipate was the connection to complete strangers as they follow my posts and I follow theirs.  Gwendolyn in Germany, Elsie in New Zealand, Jodi, Jill, Gerri, Graham, Kristi Ann, Vicky, Tam, Ushasree, Mona, Hope, Nana, Helen, Karen plus others who I don’t know their name.

These new connections have added to names to my prayer list and fresh inspiration in my inbox. Looking forward, I have some fresh ideas for the new year combining scriptures that are changing me into mixed media pieces and new greeting cards.

None of this would be happening without the massive help of my dear friend Dianna!  So Happy Thanksgiving to you all and a big “thank you” to Dianna.





  1. What a lovely post!!! I hope you and Your family have a Happy Thanksgiving. I am Happy and thankful to be able to follow your blog with all your beautiful, creative and fun artwork. I love seeing your creations. I look forward to all you continue to create. =) ❤


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