Deck the Halls!

Upcycled Playing Card “Deck the Halls” Wreath

I have had Christmas on the brain since July!  Finally it is December 1st and after this weekends First Saturday ArtWalk “Featured Artist Show” at Sunrose Gallery my holiday work is finished.  YAY!  Looking back in the rear view window are two Christmas Bazaars and one “Featured Artist” Show.  Here is my report on the results:

Luminary Arts Gallery FEATURED ARTIST SHOW in Astoria, Oregon:


Every Husband’s Nightmare Christmas Bazaar:

The primary reason I entered this bazaar is to sell the things that DIDN’T sell that I made for Christmas last year!  The entry fee is only $40.00 and since it is a boutique sale, I don’t have to sit at a table for 4 days.  In addition to the photos I sold MANY driftwood crosses and some of my new sheet music ornaments sold out.


My Merry Mermaid’s booth was a big success.  My big sellers were old inventory items like my tin birds and driftwood crosses that I put on a “Half Price” table along with more of last years Christmas products. The first day my “Half Price” table was almost empty so I restocked after I raided the attic of more old inventory.  I also had a good amount of sales of my new earrings and mermaid necklaces.

I made the Mermaid Throne, just to STOP folks from walking past my booth as they sometimes mindlessly do at a bazaar.  I had at least 100 folks put on a crown and  snap a photo. They were aged one all the way to one elderly lady who got out of her wheelchair to sit on the Throne!


Tomorrow is First Saturday Artwalk at Sunrose Gallery where I am “Featured Artist” and my theme is also “Merry Mermaids”.  I finally got my Mermaid Statue Upcycle finished and she has her place of honor at Sunrose Gallery.


It is really nice to have the hard work in back of me and I can focus on the new directions my heart wants to take me!


  1. It looks like a very successful holiday season. Congratulations! I love the Mermaid Throne, what a great idea. But I really love your Mermaid Statue, the transformation is amazing!


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