Stuck on you OR Stuck with you?

Mirrored Glass and Vintage Jewelry Cone Tree

Not everything I make sells!  I was so excited when I finally finished this 16″ mirrored paper mache cone tree several years ago.  It was quite a project to make, figuring how to cut the mirror and gathering all the vintage jewelry from Ebay auctions.  The final tally was $40.00 in supplies.  After setting my retail price I tried selling it at several local shops one Christmas season after the next.  Lower offers were made, but I remained stubborn on the price.  During the off season the tree had a place of honor in my living room and I thought “if I can’t get the price, I want to keep it.”  I giggled when the thought hit me, “am I stuck on you or stuck with you?”  Anyway the tree is officially mine.


I have been attempting to sell this little upcycle tree for several years.  It was even passed over on my half price table last weekend!  My decor colors are turquoise, cranberry red, gold and cream.  When I unpacked from the “Merry Mermaid” sale it dawned on me…..keep it!  It looks really cute on an end table in the living room. I will be philosophical but there is no denying I am stuck with the little tree. LOL

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was stuck with this beachy driftwood wreath.  It has had three incarnations.  First it was white, then turquoise, and now whitewashed.  Since the whitewash I have embraced it and can’t imagine anything else in it’s place.


Poor little bottles!  They have been around the block and keep coming back home in a cardboard box.  They have been carted off to Astoria, Seaside, Gearhart and keep coming back!!!  I put them for sale in my 1/2 price table and still they weren’t wanted. I am happy to be stuck with them.  I like their charm and they were one of the first bottles I learned to solder.

I am glad I don’t get too emotionally invested when I make things.  It seems like a happy little circle… I find joy in creating stuff, someone finds joy in finding  and purchasing it.  I end up with $$$ to buy more to create more.

When something doesn’t sell at least it can be mine.



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