Gayle’s Gift is in the Mail!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGayle was one of my room mates in college back in 1969!  We were in each other’s weddings in the 70’s and went on to live our busy lives where we lived in different states.  A few years ago I wondered what ever happened to her so I Google her name and up popped a school district email address for a school teacher with her name. BINGO!  Isn’t the internet AMAZING???

When we renewed our friendship it was like the conversation picked up where we left in off and I have not only gotten reacquainted with Gayle, but have met her daughter and even played in the waves here at the beach with her three gorgeous granddaughters.

Every year since we reconnected I have received a fat little package from Gayle in my mailbox at Christmas and I make something for her and sometimes I tuck something in the package for her daughter and granddaughters.

When I made my “Layered Sheet Music Wings” ornaments recently, I set aside the one I liked best for Gayle anticipating her Christmas box.  I had four “Sheet Music Wings” left from my bazaars so I have tucked them in the box for Gayle’s daughter and granddaughters.

Angels on their way to Washington!

I confess Gayle’s package to me usually comes before I get her package in the mail, BUT NOT THIS YEAR!  LOL!  I am grateful to have friends that appreciate and enjoy receiving something handmade.  Christmas is a time to open your heart to reach out and give….it is so special!


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