Repurposed Inspiration: Let it Snow Globe!

Merry Christmas to Cathy and Ray!

Hopefully Cathy is too busy to read my blog before I get this snow globe to her!  She will be surprised to learn she gave me the supplies for her Christmas present. LOL.

Earlier this fall she gave me a bag full of do it yourself snow globes she purchased at a clearance sale for a ridiculously low price.  She had planned to make a snow globe of her and her hubby but never got around to it.  She was hoping I could think of an idea to use them up.

So I made up a bunch of mermaid themed snow globes for my “Merry Mermaid” featured artist showing earlier this month and they looked so cute in the display Cathy set up in the window.

I giggled to myself when I had the idea to reserve one of the snow globes to fulfill Cathy’s original idea and I was really inspired to personalize it.

blog snowglobe 12

A few years ago Cathy was commissioned to make this large Nutcracker Mosaic to be featured  at the Providence Hospital Festival of Trees.  Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous????  I found the image when I Googled “Festival of Trees” and printed it out to the size of the snow globe insert.


Then I had fun finding of photo of Cathy and Ray and photo shopping in a cat similar in appearance of Joni their cat.  I used a transparent background png. clip art Santa hat to photo shop onto each of their cute little heads!

Let it snow!

A piece of art will not be forgotten!

Now Cathy can have a little remembrance of her Nutcracker Mosaic.  Thanks Cathy for the supplies for this project. LOL!


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