Goodness Gracious!

Mixed Media Doll Assemblage

Goodness Gracious! 2 Peter 1:5 “make every effort to add to your faith, goodness”.

I have been thinking about goodness everyday since November 2017 and have come to the conclusion that cupcakes are a fine example of goodness!  I made this super fun Cupcake Doll Assemblage specifically to illustrate what the Lord is teaching me about “goodness.”


I love paper clay because I can make my own doll faces, arms and legs.

The dolls foam insulation body was from leftover Christmas wreath supplies and I decided on the cone shaped legs and opted for no arms.  The box base was a 50cent garage sale find from last fall.  It was fun to dress my precious doll  with a 3D tutu and make her crown from a garage sale bracelet.

Back to goodness.  I can think of so many reasons for the cupcake comparison.  Obviously cupcakes taste good, hence goodness LOL.  However,  you need a recipe to make cupcakes and I believe “goodness” is like following a recipe.

November 2017 I looked up to the Lord after reading 2 Peter 1 the words in verse 4 say “that you may participate in the divine nature.”  I had never noticed those words before.  I giggled when I thought of being handed a “participation trophy”.  I told the Lord that more than anything I want to participate!

I was bombarded with questions that I have been pondering every day since. That is how I discovered this recipe.

Recipe for Goodness

Cooking time: a lifetime

2 Cups of You
1 Cup of God
2 Tablespoons Others
1 Tablespoon Things you can’t control
1 Hot Oven
Paper Cupcake Liner which represents the Holy Bible

Instructions for goodness:

In a large mixing bowl add 2 Tablespoons Others and 1 Tablespoon Things You Can’t Control. Preheat oven to as hot as you can stand it.  Prepare your paper cupcake liner (you can’t make Goodness without your paper cupcake liner which is the Holy Bible that holds everything together).

This recipe takes a lifetime to make.

Fill a small bowl with 2 Cups of You, and another small bowl with 1 Cup of God and set aside  because the recipe actually only needs a total of two cups.  That is where  “participating in the divine nature” happens.  Every time I determine to have less control, less of having it my way, less winning an argument there is less in my “2 Cups of You” bowl.

God is good and his bowl is full of goodness, the cupcakes will never be good until my bowl is emptied by one cup.

I have yearned to identify with goodness and have discovered it is a choice. A situation happens…. and it dawns on me ( a milli-second before I open my big mouth to scold my husband) “this is an opportunity to practice goodness.” It actually feels good…. the times I have deliberately chose less of me, myself and I.  My goal is to turn out a good cupcake everyday!

The best cupcake I have ever tasted was from a little bakery in Cannon Beach, Oregon: Simply Cakes by Jae .  All this talk about cupcakes has gotten me in the mood for the 10 mile drive to her shop.  There are so many more comparisons I can think of about cupcakes and goodness but I will keep them for another day.


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