Sweetheart Fun

Valentine Box Dolls

Dolls sell!  So I need any excuse to make them plus they are fun to dream up.  I got this boxed playing card set at a garage sale last fall.  One side of the card imitates the “Sweetheart” candies, the other side is a playing card.


If you Google Sweetheart Candy Printable there is a huge assortment of printables you can purchase or get for free.


Heart shaped candy box, Sweetheart Candy Printable, pearl beads, 20 gauge wire, trims (such as washi tape).


Decorate the outside edge of the candy box with washi tape. Poke holes where shoulders are located and insert two 6″ pieces of wire. Coil the end of the wire before inserting and adding different sizes of beads.


When each arm is full of beads, temporarily close the end by folding the wire back. Repeat the process for the legs.

I used a paper clay  face mold but the sky is the limit for your face!


You can purchase face printables on Etsy or cut out faces from magazines or even print out a photo of your loved one’s face.  The ideal face size is 1.5 inches tall.  Cut a 6 inch piece of wire and make a swirl on one end so you can firmly attach the head.

Cover the swirl with some hot glue and cover the hot glue with a piece of paper. Firmly press down on the paper circle so the head is attached to the wire.   Use this same process if your head is paper.

Punch a hole in the box for the head wire, swirl the end of the wire and cover with hot glue and a paper cover, pressing down on the paper cover for a secure hold.


Now it is time to add some whimsy!  I love to add crowns and the sky is the limit for a crown.  I keep a good supply of scrapbooking papers, this silver foil paper is easy to emboss with a silver jelly pen.  Other good crown materials are sheet music or any pretty paper.

Before I actually hooked the arms together I attached a jewelry heart pendant to add a sassy touch with an inkjet word “MORE.”  The “BE MINE” doll says “OR ELSE.”  LOL

Finally, hook the arms together and add a wire hanger to the back.

To make wire hanger, fold a piece of 6 inch wire in half and twist for a loop and curl the ends.  Attach each end with some hot glue and cover with a piece of paper.  If you like you can add a little ribbon rose to the neck for a sweet touch.


So Fun!


I have made a fun collection of Valentine dolls for Sunrose Gallery.  The cool thing about Valentine dolls is they can sell all year long!


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