God of the Wet Toes

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“For this reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness,   knowledge.”  We have already talked about faith and goodness, so we are on to knowledge.  Last week I shared two stories: how I learned to hear God’s voice and not to judge others.  In case you are just “tuning in” here are some facts about “knowledge.”


gnosis  (ginṓskō, “experientially know”) – functional (“working”) knowledge gleaned from first-hand (personal) experience, connecting theory to application; “application-knowledge,” gained in (by) a direct relationship. (BibleHub)

So knowledge isn’t about learning, it’s about applying what we know in this wonderful gift of a real life.  We learn stuff from reading THE WORD.  We learn  lessons taught by the Holy Spirit.  It becomes a part of us and we move on to the next thing and we learn that.

I am pretty famous for saying “God of the Wet Toes” which means: I KNOW God’s timing and provision is perfection!  I read the story of Moses in Exodus and visualize the Israelites gathered on the edge of the Red Sea.  I wish there was a real life video of that scene.  Their backs were to the water with no place to go and the Egyptians on their heels.  Moses obeyed the command to stretch forth his hand and the waters parted.  I imagine Moses in such a hurry to lead them across that he stepped into the water just as it was parting making a dry stretch to walk across.

I have had so many “God of the Wet Toes” experiences.  When I have assurance  I am headed in the right direction, I don’t freak out at the sea I have to cross because I know the Lord is going to make it all work out.  His timing and the circumstances are exquisite.  He makes a way where there seems to be no way.

Knowledge #3 God of the Wet Toes Will Provide a Way Just in Time

Have you ever gotten one of those phone calls at work where the first thing you hear is “Mom, I’m okay!”?  Well, the next thing I discover is my car isn’t.  In fact the insurance company decided to “total” it and the check is going to be $975.00.  It was 1992 and $975.00 didn’t buy much.  When I had a chance to look up and say “Help!” I distinctly heard the Lord comfort me with these words: “The car will come to you.”

Someone loaned me a car for the weekend so I had until Monday to find a replacement.  Since I worked at a dental office I assumed one of our Friday afternoon  patients would have my new vehicle….”the car will come to you”.  NOPE.

I appreciated the loaner car but it had a problem cutting out when it went up a hill. When I sat down with the classifieds Friday night I ruled out any prefixes that were in the direction of “Rainier Hill” which I knew my loaner wouldn’t be able to climb.

I actually had never purchased a car before and didn’t even really know what questions to ask so the first couple of inquiries were really embarrassing.  LOL.  I called the last car in the classifieds that was in my price range and the woman on the phone went on and on about how dependable the car was and how it would be wonderful to sell it to a single mom.

Wow, I felt relief wash over me until I realized I had called someone who was a half hour drive away and I would have to go up “Rainier Hill” to see her car.  My jaw dropped when she cheerfully retorted, “That’s okay, we’ll bring the car to you”.  WOW!  Wow!  WOW!

I could recite a long list of stories where God personally made the impossible to be possible.  I’m not cocky about it but I know to my bones that God WILL provide.  It may not be easy.  It may not be fast.  It may not feel good.  It might feel excruciatingly slow.  In hindsight I always see that God’s timing and provision was PERFECT.   I really know it :  )



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