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Are you like me…do you like to create stuff?  It gives me a lot of satisfaction to have a pile of belts that I don’t use anymore and serendipity takes over as I get the idea to cut them up and make a wreath.  Years ago I would have wanted to keep my “trade secrets” but time has shown me that I can’t fill the whole world with my stuff and I have opened my heart to share my ideas in this blog.

I also love to write and it is a joy to make every post!  I know I over use exclamation points!!!!! LOL  But if you could hear me,  I over use exclamation points when I speak!

In June 2017 my dear friend Dianna helped me start my WordPress blog.  It is a lot of work to discover which theme you want and put it all together.  Dianna has spent untold hours over the phone guiding me through “widgets” “sidebars”, and “affiliates”.  WHEW!  Thanks to Dianna, I have a blog that makes me smile when it bursts onto the screen.

When you have a big white screen it taunts you and says “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY?”  My brain is like a gumball machine filled with brightly colored gumballs, put a nickel in and see what comes out!

I love to demonstrate how to take junk and turn it into something really new.  I love to play with craft products and make something I’ve never seen before.  And since I have an important relationship with the Lord Jesus, I want to take advantage of the opportunity of using my blog to share what He is teaching me.

When I first started blogging, I had so many ideas and the time to churn out a blog every day (but Sunday, my day of rest).  So I was filling up folks email inbox.  The ideas have not slowed down but I decided to give my readers a break.  LOL

My plan this year is to do a repurposing or craft idea on Wednesday and Friday and an inspirational scripture based post on Sunday.  Most weeks I have the posts already “in the can” ready to post and tap my fingers impatiently because I have to wait to share my new idea that is so fresh….it is hard to wait!!!!

I am not getting rich making and selling crafts, but I do pay the bills every month.  I sell repurposed stuff at Sunrose Gallery Pacific Crest Cottage, Luninary Arts Gallery.

I have two Etsy Shops: LittleLaLaOriginals, and WhimziVille.  Both are good outlets for making stuff.  I got the idea for the window treatment valances driving down the freeway in 2003!  Since then I have sold over 700 of them…WHEW!

I am 66 years old I got to retire from my “Day Job” (dental assisting) and have so much fun making and paying the bills with my arty creations!  I made the decision to sign up with affiliates like Amazon, Dick Blick, Create for Less and Dollar Tree to see if I could supplement my retirement income.

I actually had two reasons for signing with affiliates.  One of the most frustrating things when I have found a craft project through my life was discovering WHERE you could get the product.  Many times you can’t even know which aisle to go down at a craft store.  Now that I live at a tiny resort town on the North Coast of Oregon I usually end up ordering what I need from Amazon, so it was a no brainer to be an affiliate with them.  Plus if someone clicks on a product from one of my links I can make a few bucks!  YAY.

Recently I read a fabulous blog post by Emily Raper how to Build a Better Blog.  It was so chock full of good advice that I decided to follow her advice to…. “Define your purpose.” so Ta! Dah! Now you know who, what, when, and how about my blog.

Hope you go along with me and enjoy the serendipitous journey!



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