Open Grave, Open Heart

open heart

Christ is risen, He is risen, indeed!

I heard a Good Friday sermon years ago and the speaker said with a booming voice: “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming!”  Friday at the crucifixion all seemed lost…. but Sunday was another day. It was Resurrection Day!

I believe in Jesus Christ’s resurrection with all my heart because of what seems like a million reasons. I’ve had experiences, and observed other folks experiences and have a friendship with an invisible God.

I hope all my readers have opened their heart to God.  That is the only way to find Him is to reach out in faith and open your heart.

My mother had an unusual introduction to the Lord.  When I was six years old, (and my brothers were 2 years old and 3 months old!) my mother was widowed.  She was only 26.  She had attended church a few times in her life, but didn’t know anything about Jesus.  Soon after my father passed away one of her neighbors invited her to a church in Glendive, Montana and after the sermon the pastor invited folks to come forward for prayer and invite Jesus into their life.  The neighbor took Mom’s hand and whispered “Do you want to go forward, I’ll go with you if you want.”  Mom pulled her hand away and shook her head “NO!”

Instantly my mother says she felt an energy coming from the wooden pulpit.  The only way she could describe it was “liquid love” emanating and she felt a pull that she describes as “Chords of Love”.  She sat there stunned and could hardly wait to get out of the church!

My mom went home and thought long and hard about what happened and made a decision to open her heart to the Lord.  The next morning  she called the pastor (who ended up being my piano teacher for years!) and asked to meet with him.  He and his wife prayed a prayer of decision with Mom and she was changed!  Mom had been a smoker since her teens and she never had a cigarette after that prayer.  The desire went away instantly.

I am so glad I was raised by a mother who completely believed in Jesus, The Father, and the Holy Spirit!  When I was 10 years old, I discovered the reality of God for myself when I repented of my sins and decided to follow Jesus.

I’m met a lot of folks who have told me as they are shrugging their shoulders “I wish I could believe.”  Their problem isn’t “believing” their problem is a closed heart.  James 4:8 says “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”.

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in” Rev. 3:20.

Jesus grave was left open for everyone to inspect, He left the grave and now He wants to live in our hearts!

Happy Easter!




  1. The speaker you heard was either Rev.Dr. Anthony Campolo orsomeone quoting him. He spoke at my BSW graduation from the now closed Barrington College in Barrington RI in 1984. He and Rebecca Manley Tippert were very influential during my early Christian Formation that grew into a 40 year career as an ordained minister.

    Blessings of the empty tomb to you and yours. And BTW the Coke Can Mosaic is wonderful


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