Friendship with God

etsy mornings
Talk to God Greeting Card

We are spinning in space on a Big Blue Marble.  It is humbling to see a photo of the Milky Way with an arrow pointing “You are here”.  It shows us how small we are!

To be honest it freaks me out a little to acknowledge that we are spinning in space because I realize I am absolutely not in control!

In Genesis we read the story why we are here: God wanted to have fellowship with humans!  It wouldn’t work unless they had free will and of course they would need to choose to have a relationship with Him.  We know the story of Adam & Eve’s fall and this past Easter is a celebration of Jesus giving us a clean slate if we choose to follow Him.  (I hope you do!)

This world seems like a mess, and often our lives seem like a mess.  Thank goodness we are free to pray!  An the sentiment of my greeting card says it best: “Mornings are better when you talk to God first.”

“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” Luke 18:1

I have started my day with a hot mug of coffee and prayer for many years.  Usually I have a long list of things to pray about!  I try to shut up long enough for Him to talk to me too.  It is my habit to ask Him for input in my life and think about Him throughout the day too.

However, today I wondered “am I giving as much as I am taking” in my relationship with the Lord.  His presence is awesome, and He is so patient.  He is a real gentleman and waits for us to come to Him.   My heart wonders if I am being the kind of friend that He had in mind when He created Adam. 

I wonder if my relationship with The Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit is satisfying or if they wish I would spend more time with them.  I wonder if they can say “Mornings are better after our talk with Patty!”

I hope so and hope you have a Happy Sunday!  God Bless YOU!





  1. Beautiful card. Thank you for sharing your faith. For me, prayer is my great time-saver, especially when my life is a mess. HIS time with me is also my greatest energizer. I must start every day in prayer and scripture. Blessings to you. ❤ cheers

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