Garage Sale Report #1


WOWZERS!  My heart rate is up after all these finds.  I can hardly wait to get working on all my little precious junk!  My rule is: Don’t buy it unless you know what you will do with it.  Gotta have inspiration.  So here is what I plan to make:

Blog Garage sale report #2

The white plastic trash can was FREE!  I recently went through a bunch of magazines and clipped all the flowers so it will be fun to get out the Mod Podge and upscale the trash can.

The wine bottle bag and the polka dot jar will get an easy personalized tag with my favorite ArtEmboss.

The ceramic tea light fish will become a wind chime that will be perfect for Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside.

I have a really cool idea for a washi tape collage for the picture frame.

I have some new inkjet transfer sheets that I am going to try out on the battery operated candles.  Can hardly wait!

It has been a while since I made a paper casting craft!  I will use the cookie mold to make a Mother’s Day Heart Pocket.  The maple leaf in relief will make a fabulous wreath or collage.

I make repurposed earrings that I sell in shops in the area, the gold ball bracelet will make several pairs of earrings.

So I will get to work and show you my transformations very soon!


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