Garage Sale Report #2

This weekends finds!

I couldn’t believe I found a rocking chair for $5.00!  But I paid $15.00 for the wooden fish.  Here are my plans for all my loot:



I need to get some blue and yellow acrylic paint and some seat fabric in a fish theme.  The plan is polka dots, coral and shell accents.  I used to upcycle chairs and got orders for them, one gal said her chairs were “Patified”.  So I am back into “Patification” LOL!

I will try a washi tape idea on the clock.  I have numerous rolls of black and white washi tape.  Gotta use it up before I can buy more. teehee

Sunrose Gallery texted me they need 24 new pairs of earrings….so it will be fun to see how many this jar will make.  I have to douse them in sudsy water and dry tonight so I can work on them tomorrow.

The vintage golf ice bucket was $1.00.  I couldn’t resist it!!!  I was curious if similar ones were selling on ebay and they are.  Recent sales were from $5.99 all the way to $28.99.  I don’t know if I want to go to the trouble of listing it because I think it would be so fun on the buffet for our next party!

Now I have some cool inspiration and will get a break from trying to dream up new easy Mother’s Day ideas that I worked on all this week.


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