That Amazing Little Jar

The Short and Long of IT!

Remember that jar that I got last weekend?  It is has turned into a treasure trove of gorgeous beads!

Fortunately I LOVE sorting!  It took about 2 hours to sort the beads into the egg containers my husband saves for me when he restocks the fridge.  Each container holds 18 eggs, so I filled up 54 “dimples” ( I had to Google to discover what to call them.” LOL


When I am making earrings, I need all my STUFF around me for inspiration.  So my workspace gets surrounded by all the containers.  I actually have doubts that I can make something as cute as I made before when I start. The doubts fly away after I make the first pair.  YAY!

The Short and Long of IT!

It is hard to make short earrings!  They are my least favorite because it is hard to pack some style in them.  I designed the earring card to be simple and modern. My friend Kathy inspired me to name them “Baubles”.

As you can see, I price them RETAIL for $10.00.  Local shops that sell them take 40% so I make a bit more.  When I go out of town I usually pack up the car with my earrings and sell them wholesale for $5.00 each to interesting shops I wander in. I turned a fabulous cigar box purse that I got at a garage sale into an earring display that holds 30 pairs.  It is fun to get new shop owners feedback!

I can make about 50 pairs in a day and spend 2 days a month making earrings! You can be in business making earrings with just a few simple tools.  Stampington Magazine makes a publication called Belle Armoire Jewelry I got the basics of making earrings from there. In the back of every issue they have step by step instructions (with photos) showing techniques.  The magazine is very inspiring!

Now it is back to work for me, I got an order for 24 pair from Sunrose Gallery here in Seaside, Oregon.  She emphasized “medium length” that will keep me focused, I hope!


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