Garage Sale Report #5

Garage Sale Stuff May 19

YAY!  I had fun gathering this stuff….I mean wonderful treasures!  It will be fun to work on next week and hopefully everything will turn out just as I dream it will.




#1 I am most excited about my new shabby wreath because I have been going through my drawers and I have WAY TOO MANY gold buttons. PLUS  I have all the supplies to make it!

#2 The new mixed media collage will feature the glasses on a whimsical face with the saying “EVERYONE LET’S JUST BE OURSELVES”

#3 I made too many scrapbook flowers on the No Sew Flower Valance, so I will use them on this cute table lamp.

#4 I have been looking for eyeglass cases that have a good “snap” and scored two of them at the same place.  YAY!  I want to make some little cross body wallet purses…something that would be handy to carry my $$$$ when I go to garage sales so I won’t have to carry my heavy purse.

#5 The letter “M” will be covered in Boy Scout ephemera because my grandson Marcus plans to be an Eagle Scout someday.

#6 The “Goodnews” rubber stamp will make a cute piece of art for a blog post I am planning.

Wish me luck on my upcycling adventures.  Right now I have to clean the kitchen.  UGH!


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