Sometimes you have to make your own Sunshine!


“Make Your Own Sunshine” 10 x 10 mixed media canvas

Yesterday was gloomy here at the North coast of Oregon!  That warm south wind blew in a storm that sucked all the inspiration out of me.  At about 3pm I got inspired (finally!) to go through some drawers of art supplies because my stuff usually gives me an idea.  IT WORKED!

I collect sayings and this one was at the top of the pile in a drawer:  “Sometimes you have to make your own sunshine.”  WOWZERS did I need that!  LOL.  So I cut out a “tangled sun” and gathered wire, necklace chain, and anything I thought would make my sun have some bling.


I constantly cut cool magazine fonts so I had all the letters for the quote.  There wasn’t enough space to do the complete saying but even the short version gets the point across.

After the center of the tangled sun was decorated I used some Lumiere 3D on the sun rays which is really fun to use.  The applicator never clogs and the results are consistant…I need to remember to reach for it more often.

After a light dusting of glitter, I used some glue to adhere the letters and it was finished.  A little sunshine picture to end the day and I have to admit getting something created that was pretty and shiny did add some “sunshine” in my day!

Here is the pattern for the tangled sun if you want to make your own:


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