“I Wonder If…”

zebra feature
Washi Tape Zebra Mixed Media

This whimsical mixed media piece was the result of me and my curiosity! When I was browsing through a home decorating magazine, I saw a photo of a zebra that was in a grouping on someone’s living room wall.

Immediately I thought, “hmmm, I wonder if I could make a zebra with washi tape stripes to substitute the black stripes.” I admit it turned out to be quite tedious but it worked!

zebra starting point

I started with a rough draft with the shape of the zebra and printed it out to the size I wanted to fit a garage sale picture frame.


zebra second step


Then I started to cut between the black and white stripes, making sure I didn’t cut too far to the end and then I folded every other strip up where the stripe was black.



After I applied the washi tape to the stripe, I trimmed the tape with scissors and laid it down.  Do you see what “trouble” curiosity can get you in?  LOL.  It was indeed a very tedious task to cover all the stripes but there was satisfaction that..IT WORKED!  YAY!

While I was in the middle of laboring through this project I went to one of my favorite local thrift stores, Rag ‘n Bone in Seaside, Oregon.  They had sheets of vintage die cut roses and so I was inspired to have the zebra sniffing the roses which lead to the magazine font message:  “Stop and Smell the Roses”.

Washi Tape is very adaptable and fun to work with,  I imagine not many folks are going to be inspired to make their own version of a zebra, but get out your washi tape anyway and try something new!


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