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Mixed Media “Drive By Conversations”

Since I didn’t go to any garage sales last weekend, I went through my stash of stuff to see what needed to be used up.  I forgot to take a “before” photo of the “rat’s nest” of my drawer I label “Die cut letters”.  It was chock full of sandwich bags filled with odd mixes of die cut letters that I used to need. Twenty six bags! It was a real mess and became my “craft supply of the week.”

The first mixed media collage went on a Russell Stover Chocolate box lid:


I constantly collect phrases and cool sentences and found “Seek Stillness”  when I was on vacation a few months ago.  I covered the lid with turquoise paint and used Rust Effects paint for a vintage look.  I like brass corners that got applied to each corner and I made a little ArtEmboss design to polish off the bottom edge.



If you go to the mall or walk streets filled with tourists like I do, you hear snippets of conversations and that idea behind the inspiration for the next mixed media collages.  The title: “Drive By Conversations” popped in my head and the goal was to make the viewer wish they could get more juicy details from the conversation on the canvas.

The speaker of the “Drive By Conversations” is never without an opinion and if she went to my church, she would start with “I have something for you to pray about”…. before the drive by conversation started.

I had the huge pile of letters sitting in front of me and the first word that I “saw” in the pile was “NEVER” so that is literally how I started and the sentences just came together one word at a time like a twisting turning tale. When I didn’t have a chip board letter I used Scrabble or magazine fonts.  I was actually giggling as the words magically appeared in view:


The person who purchases this mixed media piece will have a fabulous sense of humor and I would love to see her whimsical house.


By the time I finished the first collage, the pile was thin enough so I could see if I had most of the letters to make this fun saying that was featured in a craft magazine I have.

Well, there are garage sales today and I have to get out and see what treasures I find because my drawers of stuff are nearly empty!

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