Repurposed Lego Window Valance

Window Valance made with LEGOS!

I was so happy to get this pile of Legos at a garage sale this weekend!  I assembled them into little “strips” on poster paper with hot glue and Aleene’s Tacky Glue.


Garage Sale Legos and String Lights

Here is how you can make your own valance:

Step One:  Cut some stiff paper into strips 1.25″ wide and however long you wish the valance to hang down.  I made my paper strips 1.25″ x 9″.  I used 300lb watercolor paper because that is what I had on hand.  Nice poster board or mat board works also.

Step Two: Start at the bottom of each strip and make sure the first Lego’s you attach are square with the paper.  You can use hot glue (WARNING: it is NOT moveable after a few seconds) or tacky glue which will move for a while if you don’t have the pieces completely square.


HINT:  The method I used was  hot glue and add the pieces side by side rather than going up the side to the top.  Working quickly I placed a piece of Lego and then the ones that sit next to it.  THEN pop a connector piece on top of the two freshly hot glued pieces to make sure they will RECEIVE a connector piece.  If the pieces are not completely “square” it is impossible to put other pieces on top to decorate.

Step Three: Fill the strip of paper to the top LEAVING a 1/2″ of paper so you can punch a hole so it can hang.  Have fun adding extra pieces to the bottom level for design and color pops.


My valance hangs with rings I make for window treatments I sell in my Etsy Shop: Whimziville but you can purchase cafe curtain rings that will clip on to the hole you punched at the top.


I need to get some more paper to make the finished valance 30″ wide so I can sell it in my Etsy Shop.  It has been “child’s play” making  the Lego Window Valance this morning!


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