Moon Phase Sand Dollar Gel Transfer

800 photo for blog

I’m still stuck on gel transfer!  I have a big shoebox full of sand dollars I found on the beach and I could hardly wait to see if they would work to simulate the moon.  By golly…it works!

I  got this rectangle plaque at a garage sale this weekend and a quick coat of inky black chalk paint easily covered the typography:



800 photo for blog

So I got to work adjusting  some crescent moons in my computer clip art file.  I needed to widen the face so I opened my skinny crescent moon in Fast Stone Image Viewer and used the editing tools to stretch out the face.  After printing out a “skinny” crescent and the wider crescent, I flipped them horizontally and printed the two mirror images.  I have a big selection of moon clip art I have purchased through the years and I would have liked to make pdf’s of these moon images for you but I don’t remember if they are public domain.  However, I checked out “GRAPHICS FAIRY” and they had some images which I am offering a pdf.

Etsy and 123rf are good sources for printable images if you don’t like the GRAPHIC’S FAIRY printables  that are at the end of this post and want to try making your own moon phase picture.



Cut out the face image making sure all the profile details are sharp.  Cover the areas where the clip art will sit on the sand dollar with a nice coat of gel medium.  Place the clip art crescent face down on the sand dollar on top of the gel medium and smooth until the extra gel medium squishes out smoothing until you are sure the clip art is fully secured to the sand dollar.  Wipe off any gel medium with a paper towel and cover the rest of the sand dollar with black acrylic paint.  You don’t have to worry about covering some of the profile of the moon because the paper will block out the black paint.

Since I am impatient, it is hard to wait!!!!!  However, the paper must be white and DRY before you remove the paper with running water. RUB RUB RUB gently but thoroughly  When the paper comes off you have a beautiful profile of the clip art crescent!


800 photo for blog

I Googled “Moon Phase” quotes and up came William Shakespeare from “Romeo and Juliet”.  PERFECT!  Some hot glue in the back of each sand dollar and the plaque was finished.  Gel Medium, I have a crush on you!

Here are the pdf images from The Graphics Fairy that you can click and print.  They are sized 3.5″ if your sand dollars are smaller, you will have to adjust them with your computer.



crescent facing right

crescent facing left

wide crescent facing right

wide crescent facing left


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