Repurposed Watch Collage

watch collage_7 brightened and sharpened

I love to collect phrases and I found this one in a magazine recently.  I ripped it out and put it on a magnet board for when I found the objects for the perfect project.  This weekend I found some cool watches at garage sales and the idea for this watch themed collage popped into my mind!


The first step was cutting off the band supports with my Dremel.




First use the cutting tool to grind off each band support and then follow with the smoothing tool.

Next, paint the edges of each watch face black to help simulate a note.


I printed out music staff sheet music and adjusted it in my computer to fit the picture frame.  Then I printed out musical notes and wrote the phrase in different fonts and colors.



I got the frame at a garage sale a few weeks ago and the embroidered cloth was easily removed.

I used a glue stick to attach the phrase to the music staff image and mounted it under the glass.  Then I cut out the music notes and attached them to the glass front with glue stick and used hot glue on the backs of the watch pieces that simulate the head of the note.

watch collage_7 brightened and sharpened

I am happy how it turned out!  It reminds me of my marriage, I think one way and my hubby thinks another!  I heard many years ago “that opposites” attract and it seems to me that if there are two people who think opposite that TOGETHER they make a whole person.  The key is respecting others and realizing that “my way” isn’t always the right way because there is more than one way to think about things!

I am offering some free pdf images if you want to make your own little collage.  The images are the music staff and phrase, the music notes and also images of the watches so you just cut them out if you don’t have any old watches on hand.


watch jpeg for collage

w jpeg for notes for watch collage

watch jpeg




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