Jewelry Maker Day #1


leather pendant_16


I had to get out my high powered granny glasses this week.  I can get by with magnification +1.50-+1.75 for reading and working on my 3 dimensional crafts.  Ha! +2.50 is barely enough to see the small stuff.  POOR ME!  If you had a video of me working you would see me switch different glasses for each step while I made these fun leather pendants from a leather pouch in my garage sale report.



I planned to make earrings or a bracelet, but I got the idea for a pendant!

I made two versions, one to sell and one to keep:

leather pendant brightened

leather pendant_12

leather pendant_16After I made these two pendants I went through my closet to see if I had any leather purses that looked a little frayed.  I have a mint green leather purse that looks time worn,  but the pockets on the outside didn’t leave any room to make a leaf! boohoo! This project will have me on the lookout for a cheap leather purse at the next garage sale.

Step #1.  Make a paper pattern of a leaf and cover the back with double stick tape:


Step #2.  Cut out the leaf and slice the edges like the paper pattern above:


Step #3.  Use metal stamps to personalize the leather leaf.  TIP: don’t use as much force with the hammer as you would with metal because you can punch through the leather)


Step #4.  Go over the metal stamping with a jelly pen:


I used black jelly pen on “PEACE” and black and gold on “PATTY”


If you want to decorate the leather leaf, make swirls or any doodles.

Step #5.  Punch a hole in the top of the leaf with an awl and assemble with a sturdy jump ring to the necklace chain.

I will show my technique for chains later this week!

I have lots of leather left, it is going to be fun to dream up ideas to use it all up!




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