Jewelry Maker Day #3: Earring-o-rama!



Rock and roll!  That is the phrase I use when I have all my supplies right next to me and I create an assembly line of earrings.  I didn’t reach my goal of 100 pairs of earrings, but I did fill up this earring display I got last year for the Christmas Bazaar.



I found the display at a thrift store in Manzanita, Oregon for $4.00!  Then I spent probably $10.00 on the magnets.  LOL  The magnets have a little metal swirl with a hook that I glued on with E6000 so now I have a place to store my earrings on their cards.  The display holds 64 earrings and I got it filled!



I can’t “rock and roll” without everything at my fingertips.



I sort the larger beads according to matched sets so I don’t waste time sorting.



I use clear acrylic box frames for fast and easy access to the seed beads and metal spacers and elements.

side one

Some of my beads are from jars of necklace I purchase at Goodwill.  TIP: (wash them carefully in a bowl of hot soapy water and let them dry right away.)  Other beads and findings I get a craft store and NEVER purchase unless 40%-70% off regular price.

I don’t purchase expensive findings or beads because my product is intended to be fun and the price point is perfect for someone who wants some style to add to their t-shirt and jeans.

side two

I got my earring display completely filled up!  It has been fun to make jewelry this week, but I hope the garage sales have some cool stuff to repurpose that is NOT jewelry.  LOL  Have a Happy Friday!!!!!


    • Thanks for the compliment! I was clueless about how popular smaller earrings were until I sold them at a Christmas bazaar and they were the most admired in my collection. : )


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