Garage Sale Report #12 Before


I hate to brag but I hit the jackpot this weekend.  Our Lady of Victory’s annual rummage sale was fabulous!  I actually didn’t get to the sale on it’s first day because I forgot about it in the morning and decided to go after my daily 3 mile afternoon walk.  When I got home from my walk on the Prom (our boardwalk along the beach here in Seaside, Oregon) I snatched a look in the mirror and broke out laughing.  My hair looked like a bunch of straw sitting on my head. LOL  I honestly didn’t want to deal with my hair and I figured most folks don’t want what I am looking for, so I walked in the doors on the second day.



There was so much stuff I divided it into 2 photos so I can describe my ideas:

#1. Porthole mixed media collages with turtles, mermaids and seascapes.  There are FOUR frames I got for 50cents!

#2. The fish stand picture is unstable, so it will just be a canvas for some new mixed media

#3. The lighthouse frame will be a clock with a saying about “being on beach time”

#4  The lobsters will get spray painted and incorporated into a beachy valance.

#5. Napkins….not sure if I will put them in the kitchen to use or make a beachy mixed media collage.

#6. Signal flags….I already strung them on bakers string and made a beachy garland that I am giving away this week after I sign up for rafflecopter.



Oops I cut off “patriotic belt” when I cropped the photo.  Anyway here are my ideas for this pile of fabulous stuff.

#7.  Patriotic belt from a man’s tie

#8. I love the tin container and will make cut out the pieces for a tin bird with a fall theme.

#9.  Luminary Art Gallery in Astoria is interested in some new lighted pictures with the theme “Live Music” or “This is how we roll” so the rhinestone appliques will be incorporated in to those words.

#10. The picture doesn’t show the night light very well.  I purchased the nightlight because I wanted to figure how to make a sturdy attachment to make my own night lights.  I will take it apart and use the components in other pieces of art.

#11.  I had to buy the sandwich bag full of felt bookmarks someone spent so much time making!  I will give them away on rafflecopter.

So now I need to get to work!  Garage sale season is rapidly coming to an end boohoo, but these finds will keep me busy for a while.


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