Living on Beach Time!



I got to retire from my day job as a dental assistant in 2005 and move from Washington state to Seaside, Oregon.  Seaside is a busy little resort town in the summer and it is so fun to live in a place that folks come to relax and enjoy the ocean.


I got this lighthouse shaped picture frame this weekend at a garage sale and knew I wanted to try to turn it into a clock.



The repurpose was quite easy with some clipart and font that I printed on cardstock. I used some washi tape and metal stars and added a quartz clock works that I got at a craft store.  Wah La!  A cute picture frame turned a clock.

Beach time isn’t imaginary!  Some shops have hand written hours: “Open 11-ish”! There is a casual happiness that is in the air, the tourists bring it with them and the folks who live here are very laid back.

My husband and I go on a walk most nights (year round) down our main street named Broadway. I took my camera tonight so you can join us on our walk.



The sidewalk fronting the beach is called the Promenade, or Prom.  This is the “turnaround” where folks drive the main street to the ocean and turnaround to go back into town.  When it is sunset time the turnaround is packed with folks and their cameras.  The fog blew in today so there are not many people.


Right now our beach is covered with hundreds of beach volleyball nets.  1,000 teams are pouring into town for a tournament.  There will be a lot of tall lanky folks filling the restaurants this weekend.  LOL



Every night in the summer my husband and I stop in the Bumper Cars to watch the chaos of people madly bumping into each other.  It is something we really look forward to in the summer.  Everyone is laughing and grinning as much as us!


Next up is Funland, sometimes we play a video game and we meander through Fascination, a tic tac toe game played with rolling balls, the energy is high and it is fun to hear the rubber balls bounce as folks try to win tickets.


Another usual stop is Phillips Candies where my  husband gets a chunk of rocky road or a raspberry truffle every night!  I will occasionally get a tiny bag of their caramel popcorn because it is the best I ever have tasted.

We really love looking in the windows of the restaurants to see which one has the most customers as we meander along.  The cell phone is in the car and we talk, talk, talk as we walk the 1 1/2 miles from our car and back to the car.  We talk politics, or about a scripture or what is happening in the book he is reading.

Almost at the end of our walk is Sunrose Gallery which we peek in the windows to see if anything sold!  Sometimes the owner of Sunrose leaves a little note in the window for us to see on our nightly walk.  LOL


I am so blessed to live in this little beach town and I am truly living on “beach time”!

Hope you have a fabulous day!



  1. I’ve been to Seaside – it’s a nifty little town. I somehow remember a shop that sold only saltwater taffy but it could have been one of the other coastal towns we stopped it. Lucky you!


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