“Miss Fancy Pants” Mixed Media Necklace Assemblage

necklace feature brightened
Mixed Media Necklace Collage 10 x 10 “MISS FANCYPANTS”

This mixed media is the result of cleaning a shelf!  Sometimes I get a kick out of using up a craft supply that has been sitting around for a while.  I had forgotten the shoebox full of broken pearl necklaces and decided to use as many of them as I could in this 10 x 10 assemblage.  I had so much fun making this fantastical statement necklace I sorted the supplies to make two other versions of necklaces that I will finish soon. When I sort supplies for a project the possibility of a title usually pops in my head. One of the necklace collages will be “She Should Have Been a Cowgirl” and idea for the other one is “Secret Writer” .  I wish I could work on them today but garage sales are on my schedule.

This necklace collage would be a cool way to preserve inherited jewelry that is not in perfect condition.  I like to think of crafts that get things out of drawers so it can be enjoyed all the time.


Piles of Pearls!

The base is a 10 x 10 gallery wrapped canvas that is painted with “Latte” acrylic paint for the body and brown/black shadows.

necklace feature brightened
Mixed Media Necklace Collage 10 x 10

If you have a pile of jewelry that is broken or missing some parts, this is the perfect project for you because all you do is glue!  I like Aleene’s Tacky glue because it is strong and dries clear.

I stacked necklaces to build dimension:



It was fun to mix the colors of the pearl necklaces and some broken rhinestone necklaces for some sparkle.

I used a dinner plate as a pattern for the scoop neckline and used hot glue to attach the scrapbook paper and made a pretty edge of German Die Cut trim for the edge of her top.

A picture like this fits in so many places in the house and would make a one of a kind piece of art if you used Grandma’s costume jewelry that is tucked in a sandwich bag in the attic.  Time to get it out and make a pictures for the granddaughters!



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