(Thrift) Shop Till You Drop!

rag n bone collage

Get ready to slam on the brakes if you are on the main drag in Seaside, Oregon right by the Nike Outlet store.  You HAVE to stop at the Rag & Bone!  Anyplace that is painted eggplant purple with a name like that will be worth your time.  Rag & Bone is my repurposing fix when garage sale season is in hibernation and the rain is blowing sideways.  Today is National Thrift Store Day and I wanted to brag about some of the cool stuff I have found through the years.


Every December I am on the docket to be Featured Artist at Sunrose Gallery.  A few years ago I settled on the theme “Merry Christmas Rain or Shrine”.  I made many shrine themed pieces of art for my show, but I needed my “pièce de ré·sis·tance” .  I went to Rag & Bone with my fingers crossed.  My mouth dropped open when I spied a tall bronze shrine shaped piece for $6.00 on the outside landing.  I couldn’t believe it was mine as I cradled it in my arms.  Yippee!  Then I went inside and the sweet “Mary” flower planter was $6.00!  The flower planter was a bonus because battery operated mini lights fit in the planter section so the shrine could actually be lighted.


Crafts come and go, what sold like hotcakes one season doesn’t the next.  As a maker you have to go with the flow.  Rag & Bone was the source for many crafts I don’t make nowadays but it was sure fun finding the stuff like the teapots and mugs.


Fun jewelry, and odd salt shakers that I rescued from Rag & Bone have inspired so many fun unusual crafts!



Tepots without lids! Candle sticks….I don’t know how many I have purchased through the years probably at least 50.  Thank You LINDA!



Celebrate National Thrift Shop Day by sticking your head in your local thrift shop.  You never know what you will find….it might be something on your shopping list!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful! Especially those teapot lamps. I absolutely love the way you take items that might go in our landfalls and make snappy things out of them. I;m not a crafter—more of a baker and a writer—but you never know. Someday you just might inspire me.

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  2. Who doesn’t love thrift shops & yard saling? It’s always a treasure hunt. Sometimes things call out to us, don’t they?
    Love the “if it’s not baroque piece. Too funny.

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