Fly Baby Fly!

live happy

Happy National Aviation Day!  I have had my share of aviation experiences most of them good.  It is amazing that we can board a plane and hours later be on another continent!  When I saw it was National Aviation Day I thought it would be fun to use my  rhinestone airplane brooch in a whimsical collage.

My little rhinestone encrusted airplane brooch has a banner with a good motto:  LIVE HAPPY.  I printed out some clip art houses and decorated them with Stickles Glitter Glue and made some glittery trees to decorate the street.

Some folks find it easier to be happy and optimistic because of their personality.  Some folks are just negative, they were born that way.  For them happiness is a choice.

I admit to being naturally optimistic but…. when life comes at me hard and my circumstances are miserable I take a big gulp and chose to live happy.

When my spirit is sagging and my happiness is deflated I choose to:

Worship the Lord – Isaiah 61:3 “Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness”

Count my blessings!

Give myself a break and rest!

Have some carbs!

When we are pursuing happiness that’s when we fly baby fly!

Happy Sunday!  I encourage you to make it a true day of rest.









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