Rainy Days and Tuesdays


It’s weird, here at the North Coast of Oregon we have had sunshiny summer weather.  We love complaining about the rain but we have nothing to complain about, it didn’t even pour buckets on the Fourth of July!  The joke is “Mildred, what are you doing this summer?” “Well, we are going to have a picnic if it lands on a Sunday”.

I like rainy days because it makes my studio feel so warm and cozy and safe. However it wasn’t rain that inspired this cloud pendant necklace, it was finding a package of cast material and some pretty blue glass rhinestones.



The cast material is what they used to wrap up broken arms years ago and it is the perfect material to transform a piece of cardboard into a darling little cloud pendant. Most craft stores have the cast material in the Fimo Clay section.



Cut out a cloud shape in stiff cardboard (I used 300lb watercolor paper) and cut pieces of the cast material into little strips that you can soak in warm water until it gets squishy.



Make some piles of the cast material to get depth in the cloud shape keeping the material from the edges.  Then cut a piece that is big enough to cover the whole cloud.  Get that piece wet and squishy and cover the cloud and smooth out the edges in the back to be as flat as possible.




Keep smoothing the plaster that is embedded in the gauze to get it as smooth as possible.  Poke 5 holes (three for the raindrops, two for the necklace chain) making sure the holes show in the back.  Let the cloud dry overnight.

When the cloud is perfectly dry, cover it with ModPodge to seal it.  I used 3 coats of ModPodge so the surface was as smooth as possible.  Next, cover the front and back with white acrylic paint.  I made my cloud shine with some Perfect Pearl powder. You could get the same result with pearlized white acrylic paint.

To assemble the pendant, use jump rings or wire wrap the findings + the seed beads and rhinestones. Add a chain and you are finished!

The cloud also makes a cute brooch, (you poke only three holes for the raindrops.)


A whimsical necklace like this is so cute with jeans and a t-shirt!



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