For the Hopeless Romantic



I really like making little dolls from bottles and was really happy to find a bag of them at an estate sale, but my excitement turned to disappointment when I removed the bottles from the bag.



The bottle labels were in bad shape so they got tossed and I kept the cute red glass rose bud blossom to make a Hopeless Romantic Doll in a wire cage.




I printed out some clip art faces and attached one to the wood ball.  Then I made a window screen crown for her and attached the head to the top of the rose bud.



The cage is made with black foam board and black 18gauge annealed wire.  I cut 8 pieces of wire 12″ long and attached them to the foam core then curled the top ends and secured them with 20 gauge wire that is covered with a little silver ring.

I made a whimsical tassel with pearls, organdy, a key, a brass token, a gold leaf, a silver charm bracelet and a gold tassel.  I just kept adding stuff until I liked it LOL.

The rose doll was tucked inside of the cage and I used hot glue to adhere her plastic base.  I love my little Hopeless Romantic!


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