A Merry Heart


I don’t know what it was…but now it’s a ferris wheel!  I got the round metal wire piece at a garage sale recently and hoped it would work to make an assemblage using up a container full of ceramic animals, most of them from Red Rose Tea.



I got some cute cupcake liners and party hat cupcake toppers to make the project.



I used 4 cupcake liners for each basket and secured a piece of bent annealed wire with ribbon roses on each side.  The animals were too short to sit in the cupcake liner by themselves so I made an elevated seat using playing dice as the base and part of a cupcake liner as the seat.

My passion is to make art that makes you smile or think or cheer you up!

I used to be a dental assistant where it was my job to support the patient emotionally while my boss was trying to get the job done.  I would offer to hold a fearful patient’s hand and otherwise encourage them.  I was a dental cheerleader!

One day the front office gal came up to me, it was obvious she had something to say that she didn’t really want to tell me.  We had a teenage boy on the schedule for wisdom teeth extractions and she explained that he had just called with a request.  “Could you keep the cheerful one out of the room?????”  “Cheerful one?”  “ME?” Everyone agreed from the description that I was the guilty party.

So I am still trying to cheer folks up….but with my art…. and the folks at Sunrose Gallery tell me they hear people snicker and giggle when they are walking through my section.  What I make is not everyone’s cup of tea but even so we need a smile everyday and everyone needs a merry heart!



  1. This is adorable! I’m almost 59 & I love it. Nobody can please everybody. We all have our niche. And some people just have no sense of humor or whimsy. Keep up the cool work..

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  2. We definitely need smile-makers and smile-givers. When I was young, dental nurses made us, the little patients, small toys from dental material, to keep us amused and smiling. It was the best part of going to the dentist.

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  3. Lol I guess it pays to be cheerful. I once intercepted a note in Spanish class from one middle school student to another. It said, “I wish I had never taken this class. Mrs. Tracy is way too happy about everything!” 😀😀Your dental office story made me think of it! I’m with you on the merry heart!


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