She Threw Caution to the Wind

caution feature


Do you love puns like me?  I smiled while I was making this doll remembering some times I threw caution to the wind.  I was sitting in a title company signing a stack of real estate papers feeling like I was signing my life away and felt the sensation of throwing caution to the wind!  There was no going back….I sold my house!  YIKES!

This little doll is for encouragement and maybe a little courage to boot!



I got the hollow wood block base at a thrift store last year, it was easy to drill a hole in the top and thread an 18 gauge annealed wire.  I cork screwed the top of the wire and used hot glue to secure the wire inside the wood block.  Then I decorated the block with washi tape and a large rhinestone button.

The skirt was an aluminum jello mold that I pressed together to flatten some.  I drilled a hole and secured the end in the Altoid container.


I decorated the inside of the Altoid container with washi tape and magazine images with a vintage watch as a focal.

Her head is one of the pebbles I got this summer at a garage sale.  I have a whole collection of heads and can hardly wait to use them all!


I cut a piece of 18 gauge annealed wire for the arms and printed out a caution sign that I got on a Google search.  After it was slightly crumpled it was perfect to be hot glued to the end.


I never worry about finishing the back, I left a space for me to write in permanent marker “Repurposed by Patty”.

The Bible is full of the stories of people like Moses, Abraham, Esther, and Ruth who threw caution to the wind and listened to God and were beautiful examples of courage as they fulfilled God’s purpose for their life.



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