A Bird, A Lock, and the Truth


Key to Happiness

“Finding the key to happiness sometimes requires changing the lock.”  Wow that is powerful!  When I spied this saying in a magazine I promptly ripped it out and put it in my cool sayings file.  There is so much truth hidden in that picture of words.

When I remembered I had a sparkly rhinestone lock pendant tucked in a drawer,  it was a no brainer to put this mixed media collage together.  I like making pieces that are thought provoking or inspiring and this saying + the rhinestone pendant work perfect on the wrapped canvas picture I got at the rummage sale recently.



The canvas needed to be painted over and the peg removed.  The peg was easy to pop out and I used washi tape to cover the sides of the canvas with a double piece over the hole the peg left.




While the paint was drying (thanks to the hair dryer…..impatient me!) I had vague memories of some stationary envelopes I had with a bird on them.  I needed a bird.  The envelope turned out to be a bonus: not only did the envelope have pretty flowers for the corners of the collage,  but I could use the address label to  emphasize “happiness”.



So the little collage came together very quickly but I was thinking about the truth of the saying (on so many levels)  the whole time I was snipping and gluing.


Key to Happiness

Are you happy?  Check YES!  Check NO!

I have found that “happiness” is elusive and sometimes circumstantial, so inner peace is the foundation of my happiness.  I get a good dose of  inner peace each morning as I pray and meditate on the Lord and read some of the Bible.  I don’t understand how folks can be truly happy without God.

I have met folks who stubbornly won’t have anything to do with Jesus as they endure tremendous struggles. They try to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.  As an outside observer it is hard to watch them struggle but “live and let live” is my motto and I hope they will have the courage to surrender to the Lord someday.

If life has got you down and happiness seems unattainable, what do you have to lose if you change the lock on your heart and open up to God?

Jesus is the key:

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6

I thought about amending the saying “Finding the key to happiness sometimes requires changing the heart.”

With all my heart I wish you happiness! And I hope you change the lock on anything that is blocking your happiness!





  1. I would be lost, literally and figuratively if it weren’t for the Lord. During life’s hardest times I have wondered too, “What would I do without Jesus helping me through this?”

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  2. Interesting take on the saying … I took it that some may need to keep harmful people out of their life … as in change the lock to not let them in anymore 🙂


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