Personalized Gifts #1


I like making whimsical crafts but it is nice when what you are making is practical too.  This canvas bag is going to be a birthday present to my cat loving daughter-in-law, Ines.  It’s nice to have something with your name plastered all over it!  In the case of Ines, it is almost impossible to find something personalized because of the rareness of her name.

Nowadays craft stores like Michael’s and JoAnn’s have a good selection of nice heavy canvas bags, aprons, even ball caps.  I got a 3 pack of colorful canvas bags and chose this pretty green one for Ines.


You can literally find any kind of font to make your personalization as classy or whimsical as you want.  When I found this CAT FONT I fell in love!  There are all kinds of free font web sites and I use them, but I don’t DOWNLOAD them.  I don’t trust free downloads so I’ll show you how I use the free font website:

Here is a screen shot of the web page:


When you go to the web page find the “Preview Your Text in Scrap Cat n Dog” under those words is a box…type in the person’s name or phrase you want to preview. When the sample word shows above in several sizes right click your mouse right on the preview words and choose ‘Save picture as” then the sample name will go straight to your pictures and you can print it out from there.

I took my jpeg image of “Ines” and played with it (cropped and resized) in my photo software that makes any color background.  I got the green as close to the color of the canvas bag and printed it out on regular paper.  The color wasn’t quite right so I tried again.  Then I printed the perfect size and color “INES” on Jolee’s Boutique Transfer Sheets for Dark Fabrics with my inkjet printer. (Easy and they have fabulous instructions.)


The transfer sheet is really easy to iron on with a parchment paper and NO STEAM.

This canvas bag cost $4.00 (including the bag and transfer sheet) to make and would be such a nice Christmas or Birthday present.  If you have no need for Cat Font, there are a bazillion free fonts out in Googleland and if you use my hint you don’t have to download them.

I hate to nag but it is 129 days to Christmas and I bet you can think of more than one friend who would love to see their name on a pretty bag!



  1. I know my cat-loving sister would enjoy something like this. I smiled at the name Ines. It is an unusual, and beautiful, name. And just two days ago, I was remembering an elderly lady of my childhood, who was also called Ines.

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