Thinking Outside of the Boat!


I like thinking outside of the box….or boat as the case may be….LOL.  Some friends gave me some fishing rods daring me to come up with a way to repurpose them.  I like a challenge and since fishing rods are shaped similar to candles I wondered if they could be turned into battery operated tealight candlesticks. I think the idea works!


It was pretty easy to seperate the fishing rod from the handle with a hacksaw blade. The battery operated tea lights are from Dollar Tree, the votive is about 2″ tall and has a “hammered” copper finish.   I have a roll of cork material so it was easy to unroll it and wrap it around the tea light votive to cut into strips for the tea light cup.  I cut out 3 2″ circles and used hot glue to  attach the 2″ wide cork strip to form a cup.


After the cork cup was formed, it was decorated with another strip of cork with a brown button in the center.

All that was left was to use hot glue to attach the cork cup to the fishing rod handle! I dropped the battery operated votive into the cork cup and it lifts out to turn it on and off.

 Done!  My faux candlesticks turned out exactly as I hoped!

When I was finished with the makeover I Googled Repurposed Fishing Rod and didn’t find any candlesticks… but I did find some really cool ideas:


So Cute and very practical it would be really nice in a mountain cabin!

fishing pole post

I love this!  Very creative and personal!


fish pole pretzels

This is so whimsical and fun, pretzel stick fishing poles with gummy worms and fish!


Looks like I’m not the only one thinking outside the box!


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