Is It Too Early for Fall Art?

bb tree new

Of all the seasons I like Fall best, I just wish the days were longer.  I especially love the scent of fall air and the crunchy leaves on the ground.  So when I went to an estate sale recently I tucked the calendar page of a fall scene in my pile of goodies in anticipation of fall just around the corner.


My husband donated a bottle of airgun BB’s after I told him I wanted to go to Big 5 Sporting goods to get some to incorporate in this fall picture.  Woohoo free craft supplies!

bb start.jpg

I made an inkjet copy on cardstock of the leaves at the top of the tree because the tree composition was a little lopsided, so I cut the extra tree top out and used hot glue to adhere to the canvas after I did the gel transfer.

I went through my clip art and found this picture of trees for the background  and LOVED the gray and tan hues so my tree would really stand out.  I used gel medium to transfer the clipart to the canvas.  The gel medium turned the tan to a dusty pink and purple!  ICK!  So I had to come up with a different plan.



Because the gel medium turned the tans and grays into purples and pinks the solution was to use gold and copper foil adhesive and foils on the trees.  I really liked the shiny metals and it made the collage seem like it is getting an upgrade from whimsical to classy!  LOL

bb tree new

I used Aleene’s Tacky glue to adhere the BB’s and hot glue for the plastic leaves. The leaves were originally antique silver but I coated them with moss green, gold, and copper Perfect Pearl.

It might be a little early for a Fall Mixed Media!  But fall will be here in the blink of the eye along with sideways rain and gusts of wind that blast against my studio window.  YIKES that makes me treasure these last few weeks of Indian Summer here at the North Coast of Oregon.




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