Modern Fall Sisal Rope Wreath


wreath sisal feature

I broke one of my garage sale rules when I purchased a package of sisal rope at a garage sale recently.  I try not to buy anything that doesn’t inspire an immediate idea.



I had no ideas!  So I wimped out and labeled the sisal “beachy craft”.  However I know how to find sisal rope ideas…. Google!


wreath sisal

A website, Wisconsin Magpie was my inspiration for this modern fall wreath. I made a lot of wreaths last year for my feature Wreathapalooza.  I had purchased a case of wreaths from the Dollar Store and I have three wreath forms left.




It is really simple to thread the sisal in and out of the wreath form.  I used hot glue to secure the ends to the backside.

STEP # 1:  Cut the sisal in 6 foot sections to weave in and out.  Before you cut the sisal it is handy to squirt some hot glue and where you are going to make the cut.  With a wet finger, press the hot glue into the sisal all around so you have a 1″ band of hot glue.  Let it set up and cut in the middle of the 1″ band.  Now you will have no troubles with unraveling!

STEP # 2:  Weave the sisal in and out of the wire form rings.  It goes fast!

STEP #3: When the sisal is getting close to the end…use hot glue on the backside to glue down the end pieces.

Continue each step until the wreath form is filled.

I had two brown leather belts that I cut into pieces to add interest and wrapped them around the wreath.  I think the belt pieces took the wreath from beachy to modern fall!

wreath sisal feature

This wreath isn’t weather friendly so it will have to hang on the inside door or jazz up a fall vignette on a wall.

Amazingly sisal is easy to work with and it was a fun and EASY project to make!




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