So Many Phrases, Too Little Time!

“BE BRAVE” 10 x 10 Mixed Media Canvas

My eyes needed an upgrade!  Sadly I have to toss all my cute “granny glasses” that are +150 magnification.  Now I need +175.  It is no big loss because I purchase the cute colorful glasses at Dollar Tree.

These +150  cheerful yellow framed glasses were perfect for this quick collage. (I had to dig in my studio trash can after broke off and threw the glass ear pieces away…hey those would make cute legs for my dolls!)

I made this collage with a vintage face from a book, some repurposed jewelry and magazine font letters.  It has been a while since I used the phrase “BE BRAVE”.  By far that is my best selling phrase.  As an artist I know folks have to make an emotional connection to a piece for them to purchase.  Most of the time it’s the phrase.  Another best selling phrase is “Don’t Grow Up, It’s a Trap!”

I am constantly on the lookout for fresh phrases for inspiration.  I “wasted” some time on Pinterest recently searching for whimsical phrases and found ones that had me laughing, but I couldn’t use them:



Hope you had a giggle or two!


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