A Grandma Hankerchief Clock



I got this pretty vintage hankerchief at Pacific Crest Cottage last weekend. When I spied it in a bowl chock full of hankies I thought it would make a fabulous fall wall clock.   I go to estate sales and find pretty hankerchiefs and it makes me a little sad that something that was tucked in Grandma’s purse is not valued anymore.

It seems to me folks could make something with them that could be passed down to the grandchildren, but of course someone has to have the idea and then go through the trouble to make it.

I stiffened the leaf print hankie with a generous layer of Mod Podge.  I let that dry overnight and secured it with hot glue to a 12 x 12 canvas.  I found a photo of a vintage clock face on the internet and resized it to 4″ and printed it on cardstock.  Then I inserted the clock works after I poked a hole in the center of the canvas/hankie.  (I also strengthened the outside leaves with a layer of cardstock underneath so they will stay stiff at all the edges.)

Grannie Hankie Clock

I have friends who are decorators extraordinaire who can hardly wait for fall and they decorate every nook and cranny.  This clock is in honor of them!

After I finished the hankerchief clock, I Googled “Hankerchief Clock” well, I couldn’t find any.  LOL  However I did find some really cool and creative ideas for Grandma’s (& Grandpa’s) hankerchiefs:

hank 2

Super easy…..FRAME THEM!


hank 1

 A garland is so fun to hang across a window.


hank 3

Would this window treatment be darling in a nursery?


hank 7

This no sew look looks easy to do.


hank 4

This idea takes Grandma’s Hankies to heirloom level!



Add one to a pillow or fold them into a frame.


hank 8

I looked up vintage hankerchiefs and found a cool website that was selling one similar to mine!

I am a firm believer you can make a clock out of anything, (teehee) and I guess this hankerchief clock proves it!




  1. Stunning! I took one of my gramma’s hankies and put in a patchwork quilt with other pieces from my husband’s favorite (read “ratty”) T-shirt, the kids’ baby clothes and bits and pieces of clothes from my mom and I. It’s lined with flannel and waiting in the living room for a cool afternoon.

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